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Adobe After Effects Expert

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Realistic Graphic on UE4
Volta GPU for optimization.
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01. Introduction to After Effects

Introduction to After Effects
  • Overview of After Effects Interface
  • Setting up a New Project
  • The Power of After Effects in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
  • Understanding Essential Preferences and Settings

02. Media and Asset Management

Media and Asset Management
  • Importing Media: Different File Types and Formats
  • Organizing Assets in the Project Panel
  • Working with Folders and Collections
  • Metadata and Labels for Efficient Workflow

03. Fundamentals of Layers and Compositions

Fundamentals of Layers and Compositions
  • Creating and Managing Compositions
  • Understanding Layers: Text, Shape, Solid, and Adjustment Layers
  • Timeline Basics: Layer Duration and Time Stretching
  • Layer Blending Modes and Transparency

04. Basic Animation Techniques

Basic Animation Techniques
  • Keyframe Basics: Position, Scale, Rotation
  • Interpolation and Motion Paths
  • Ease-In and Ease-Out for Smoother Animations
  • Looping Animations and Motion Sketch

05. Advanced Animation Concepts

Advanced Animation Concepts
  • Using Graph Editors for Custom Easing
  • Introduction to 3D Layers and Cameras
  • Auto-Orient and Continuous Rasterize
  • Roving Keyframes for Dynamic Motion

06. Text Animation and Typography

Text Animation and Typography
  • Text Layer Properties
  • Animating Text: Per Character 3D, Wiggly Selections
  • Using Text Presets for Quick Animations
  • Creating Custom Text Animations

07. Shape Layers and Vector Animation

Shape Layers and Vector Animation
  • Understanding Shape Layers and Paths
  • Using the Pen Tool for Custom Shapes
  • Converting Vector Files to Shape Layers
  • Animating Shapes and Paths

08. Effects and Presets Deep Dive

Effects and Presets Deep Dive
  • Applying and Customizing Effects
  • Using the Effects & Presets Panel
  • Creating Custom Presets
  • Combining Multiple Effects for Unique Looks

09. Color Grading and Correction

Color Grading and Correction
  • Using Lumetri Scopes
  • Basic and Secondary Color Correction
  • Creating Color Themes and Looks
  • Advanced Color Grading Techniques

10. Masks and Rotoscoping

Masks and Rotoscoping
  • Introduction to Masking
  • Creating and Modifying Masks
  • Using Rotoscoping for Complex Object Isolation
  • Mask Modes and Mask Feathering

11. Tracking and Stabilizing Footage

Tracking and Stabilizing Footage
  • Point Tracking and Planar Tracking
  • Using the 3D Camera Tracker
  • Stabilizing Shaky Footage
  • Tracking Data for Masking and Effects

12. 3D Space and Cameras

3D Space and Cameras
  • Introduction to 3D Space in After Effects
  • Working with Cameras and Lights
  • 3D Layer Interactions and Hierarchies
  • Using Null Objects for Complex Camera Animation

13. Expressions and Scripting

Expressions and Scripting
  • Understanding Basic JavaScript for After Effects
  • Creating Simple Expressions for Automated Animation
  • Using Scripts for Complex Tasks
  • User-Defined Functions and Libraries

14. Advanced Compositing Techniques

Advanced Compositing Techniques
  • Using Adjustment Layers for Global Effects
  • Precomposing and Nested Compositions
  • Working with Alpha Channels and Mattes
  • Advanced Blending Techniques

15. Render and Export

Render and Export
  • Understanding the Render Queue
  • Customizing Render Settings and Output Modules
  • Exporting for Different Media Platforms
  • Render and Export Best Practices

16. Real-world Applications

Real-world Applications
  • Creating Motion Graphics for Marketing
  • VFX Techniques for Filmmaking
  • Animating Logos and Brand Elements
  • Visual Storytelling Techniques

17. Workflow and Collaboration

Workflow and Collaboration
  • Working with Adobe Premiere Pro and Dynamic Link
  • File Management and Organization
  • Collaboration Tools and Shared Projects
  • Template Creation and Reusability

18. Certification and Career

Certification and Career
  • Mock Exams and Test Projects
  • Individual Skill Assessment and Feedback
  • Portfolio Submission and Review
  • Industry Networking and Job Placement

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